Dec 5, 2016

The Pink Living Room We Once Had

We once had a pink living room. It was deserty in all it's glory. It felt like something out of an old western, and it was a room of which I was so proud. It reminded me of Utah, and felt like home. I added the retro NASA posters to tap into my husband's engineering mind, he actually picked out our pink rug, and I fell in love with our giant pillow the moment I found it on the web.

We get a lot of questions about our sofa, so here are the responses to our FAQ's about it. It's from Article. It is super comfy, and we sure do love it. When our friends and family ask if it's a stiff sofa, I quickly respond, "It's like butta!" If you're in the market take a look at this one. It was a dream come true to snag it. Nope, this isn't sponsored.

Moving right along, our living room opens straight out into our kitchen. So... we have maybe about 70ish square feet of space. Between our sofa, our TV, and our coffee table, we didn't seem to have much "walking room." I wasn't looking for much of that in our tiny "living" space anyway. I was going more for a great spot to kick back, relax, and enjoy a trashy reality TV show every once and a while. What can I say, a momma needs a break from the demanding role of dinosaur slayer, right?

Why do we not have a pink living room anymore you might be wondering? Well, both the rugs you see here are in our daughter Aida Mae's room. With it went the matching pillow and art. It makes her room everything I had envisioned. I just love the way her room turned out, and a tour of that will be coming soon, as well as a view of our new living room. 

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Rugs USA:
Pink Rug

Sofa: Article

Coffee Table: Local Boutique

Decorative Bowl: Areaware

Side table: Urban Outfitters

Frames- Frame Bridge

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  1. Love it all! Especially that throw blanket! Can I ask where that is from? Thanks!


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