Nov 15, 2016

more times than not

skirt- anthropology >> sweater- anthropology >> shoes- nordstrom on sale for $100 >> jacket- anthropology

more times than not-

i'm craving chocolate.
i'm on the verge of dying my hair some kind of new color.
my son is making the loudest car noises he can.
my daughter is trying to eat a lego.
the frozen soundtrack is playing in the car.
my library books are past due. shoot, i friggin' forgot again!
the crockpot is going. crap, i forgot to put that food away.
i forget something.
i didn't shower.
i have food on my shirt.
i have yogurt in my hair.
there are graham cracker crumbs on the floor.
there is pee on my toilet seat, and it's left by a tiny little boy i know. it's waiting there for me to have to go...and i sit on it every single time...dangit.
i warmed up food to eat, and by the time i get to it, it's freezing.
my feet are cold.
my hands have insane cuticles. mommy needs a manicure like all those cool moms on instagram. #dreaming
i'm eating pomegranate.
i'm waiting on an amazon prime order.
praying for a babysitter.
wishing i had a maid.
waiting for bedtime.

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