Nov 7, 2016

Probably always

jacket- shop maude >> shoes- vans >> skirt- anthropology (on sale) >> top- anthropology >> hat- forever 21

I'm probably always...

trying to keep my patience.
wiping up poop.
cleaning dishes.
washing laundry.
leaving my clean laundry in piles all over the house.
sweeping up crumbs.
feeding a baby.
trying to get someone down for a nap.
wishing I was the one eating.
counting the hours until Daddy gets home.
cringing about going to the grocery store.
finally making it to the grocery store. loading up. getting home. seeing i forgot the only item i really needed to get while i was actually there.
not being able to make dinner because i didn't have that one thing.
ordering out.
putting the kids down.
going to the gym.
laying in bed.
making a to-do list for the next day.
not falling asleep until 1 AM.
waking up exhausted.
not remembering a single thing i put on my mental to-do list the night before.
cuddling my kids.
thinking about having/adopting another.
listening to them laugh at my "morning tots".
and thinking this is the best damn life i could ever have!

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