Oct 12, 2016

Nurture Life

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a giant cooking rut, or like all my kiddos want to eat is the crap food I keep on hand for days when I can't seem to come up with something else to feed them. I must hear, "I want pasta" at least two times a day, and the sad part is it's no one's fault but my own.
I struggle with feeding my kids a healthy meal day in and day out, and sometimes giving my son instant oatmeal is the best I can do to keep us both sane. It was time to make a change and help us both, because I felt like being a mom to two has been kicking my butt, and the only choices I've been making are the unhealthy ones! Cue Nurture Life, the first and only ready-to-eat subscription meal delivery service that’s created specifically for babies, toddlers, and kids.. They came at the most perfect time.
Aida Mae is aging up, and is getting hungrier and hungrier for more "people food." She's made the huge shift from an all liquid diet to solids, and what I do with her now will carry her through her life. Nurture Life has a chef and pediatric dietitian working together to make the meals for my kiddos that take all the guess work right off this momma's shoulders!
They deliver ready-to-eat meals that are wholesome, organic, and delicious. Really, it is only that last one that my kiddos care about, but I care about all those descriptors, and I know you will too.
You tell them what restrictions your kids have, and their age and Nurture Life takes care of the rest. Each week you can log into your Nurture Life account and either choose meals for your little ones or select the Chef’s Choice menu, which will automatically send you popular options from the menu. 1, 2, 3 you've got healthy meals at your doorstep, and suddenly you're not reaching for that boxed mac of crap. You're handing your kid meals that they love, and all you had to do to cook was preheat the oven! The moment I gave DC his first meal from Nurture Life, I won't lie, I felt like a rockstar mom. He chowed that Tex Mex meal, and kept telling me, "Momma, this is my berry fav-or-ate!" Bam. Two birds with one friggin' stone. All the sudden you're the best parental unit there is, and you might even be ordering some for your lunches from them #guilty!
This is a sponsored post brought to you by Nurture Life, but regardless of if this was sponsored or not, I would be bringing it to you because this is one momma hack worth sharing! Use the code "MEASOM2016" to get $30 off your first order!

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