Sep 26, 2016

the stroller pull

dress- abercrombie (on sale) // shoes- free people // purse- abercrombie

Getting through heavy glass doors becomes an olympic sport when you're pushing a stroller. You're backpedaling, while holding the door open for yourself, and praying it doesn't slip from behind you and smack your kid in the face #whoops.

What I can't seem to wrap my head around, is that people will spot you, and purposely go through the other doors, often walking out as fast as they can while making total eye contact with you. Sometimes, they instantly look down at their phone, and other times they just watch while they speed by.

I think the most awkward place to do the stroller pull is into a Starbucks. There are always seats lining the doors. Some establishments have TV's to entertain their customers. Starbucks has huge friggin' doors. People watch while I try my hand at the backpedal with my doublewide. They sip on their coffee, stay comfy in their seat, and just watch.

The other day I went to the mall sans baby. I counted four different occasions the doors were held for me. Every single time. One trip. Four friggin' doors. Where was the generosity when I needed it most? Do you know how many times I've visited that same mall with my kids, and never have I ever had a door held open for me.

I will never understand any of this #MomProblems. Being a mom really does change everything, and no, having babies is not contagious. You can help a mom, and not catch the babies, it's not like rabies or something!

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