Sep 28, 2016

What led me to marry my husband?

I had a conversation with my husband the other day about what led us to our "happily ever after". If you were a fly on the wall for that conversation, you would've heard that it wasn't any specific thing he did, but rather a feeling I felt. 

The more I saw him, the more that feeling started growing. I knew he was the one. Without any reservations, I just knew. It isn't something I can explain, or put into words, but what I can say is that you know when you know. 

He said things to me that are far too personal to share, but I will never forget those words. On our first date, he turned to me and said exactly what I was hoping my whole life to hear. It was as if God was speaking to me directly, filling his heart with the one phrase I had waited my entire life to hear.

Every day of our marriage I work as hard as I can to be the best wife I can be. My best tip for anyone looking to keep their marriage alive, or make their relationship last, is to make sure you married the person you knew was the one for you. Wait for that feeling, and then never ever forget it. Fight everyday to keep that feeling around.

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