Sep 6, 2016

Making your marriage last

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I think it's safe to say that most women wonder what their husband will be like. Then, as our life with them starts to unfold, we forget about the excitement our relationship once had. Sadly, the flame starts to burn out.

We stop paying as much attention to each other as we should. We get lazy, or busy, whatever you want to call it. The butterflies stop. This could be one of the saddest truths to admit. The love of our life starts to become more of a roommate, or a partner in life, but the title of lover fades into the background.

We were married three months when we got pregnant with our first baby. Naturally, taking time for myself became less of a priority, but so did putting my husband first. My son became my everything. As lovely and special as motherhood and my bond with my children is, I need to make sure that my bond with my husband is just as strong. 

It takes more planning and money now to date my husband than ever before, but it's an investment worth making. We have to get a babysitter, and have our dates planned out for the hours we have the sitter. It isn't ever spontaneous, but it's alone time with my husband. It's one-on-one time with no phones, no kids, and no interruptions.

The time we take today to grow our relationship with each other will get us to that golden anniversary, and ladies, I cannot wait to see my handsome husband old and grey. I'm excited to see how much more I love him then, because of the work we are putting in now. 

Take the time to date your spouse. Take the time to love them. Tell them just how much you care, and let them know you see them. How very far that will go. Let's beat the odds. Let's stay in love with our spouse. Let's set the example for our kiddos, and let us keep those vows we made on our very special day. Let's remember those butterflies we felt walking down the isle, the smile that covered our faces, the tears of joy that came, and the love we felt. Hold on to that feeling, and cherish it always.



  1. I stumbled upon this and needed it oh so badly. We had our little guy less than a year after being married and remembering to give my husband my time is hard these days. Thank you!


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