Sep 8, 2016

Bread and Butta

There's so much so many of you know about me, and so much more to share, but tonight we are gonna keep it real and simple.

I don't know or understand half of the American phrases or lingo because my mother is a Venezuelan transplant. 

No Donald, you cannot build a wall to keep her out. 

I was put into ESL in elementary school. 

Also, I can probably only test out of third grade writing at this point, but somehow aced college…and have a blog. I guess anyone can have a blog, huh? *insert winky face here*

I love politics, but will never discuss them with anyone but my husband. I'm too much of a pansy for such serious conversation.  

I love me a nice slice of warm homemade bread, and Amish butta. I mean helloooo!

Randomly, that scene from Dumb and Dumber with Petey the headless bird pops into my mind. Poor Petey, such a pretty bird.

I still think Burger King is pronounced "bur-bur-king." Thanks ma.

I also love when my babies cuddle me, but is it just me or are sleeping kiddos friggin' ninjas? I just got whacked in the face by DC's foot! How did it even get up here to begin with?

Also, I am no marriage expert, but have gotten such a crazy response to my marriage dating post. Thank you all for the love and support. Wishing I could drop off a basket of my favorite bread-n-butta for ya'll. I would even settle for a Starbucks date, but listen I've got a kid in my bed, and in a few short hours he'll be demanding breakfast and a show. I better hit the hay and pray to the heavens I don't lose a tooth from the headbutt I can already see coming from this secret sleeping ninja of my son!

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