Sep 12, 2016

Kitchen Tour

Our kitchen has got to be one of my favorite rooms in our whole house. We wanted an open concept family room, and we ended up with a kitchen, living room, and dinning room that are all in the same space. There are no walls separating the three, and we love it.

My husband and I wanted a small and open space. Something that allowed us to see everyone, and create some everlasting bonds. Big isn't our style. If you've ever met my husband and I, that's totally obvious.

We haven't really talked much about our home, but it comes in at a little over 900 square feet. We wanted to live in a small space, filled to the brim with memories, but not with "stuff", and that's exactly what we have. Funny thing is, we don't just have the "bare essentials," like I thought. We do have space, and in it we store the extra things. We have our high school yearbooks, boxes of kids clothes we are saving for the next one, and all the other crap you "save…". Often times it's totally unnecessary, but more meaningful than anything.

Since the space is so small, it was super important to have lots of natural light, with bright walls and colors. White is in style recently, but we love it because it really opens up any room. We have white subway tile on the cabinet wall up to the ceiling, and dark hardwood floors. We hand-painted our cabinets (read this post to get a step-by-step tutorial on how to diy your cabinets) in a bright white to match our retro GE Artistry appliances. We threw in this faux cowhide rug for some fun texture, and had this amazing artist hand paint a beautiful floral print that makes the whole room pop. Like I said, my favorite room in the house!

Where do ya'll spend the most time in your house? Our answer is probably the kitchen… or the backyard. Does that count?

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