Sep 14, 2016

Letters to my Babies

Yesterday, September 13th, 2016, was my son's first day of preschool. Typing that brings tears to my eyes.

He was born at the end of a hot July day. I waddled around the grocery store in heavy duty labor, and tried to forget the pain. My last meal with him in my belly was Noodles & Co.'s chicken noodle soup and a Coke #typical.

His dad was still taking finals, and I was anxiously counting the days until I could hold him, and finally see his sweet face. Every night after 37 weeks, I would go to bed and say to myself, "this is the last night without my sweet boy." However, he had other plans. He didn't arrive until 40 weeks and 2 days. I remember spending that whole summer preparing for him, and praying constantly that he would be healthy and strong.

When his dad went back to school, we didn't skip a beat. My son and I have always been inseparable. As the leaves began to change color, I shared my favorite autumn traditions with him. My husband had lots of projects, tests, and interviews around the nation to jet off to. Without my son, it would have been quite a quiet and lonely year.

DC was such a happy baby. He was so dang smiley. I remember walking through the grocery store and with just one glance, he would catch my eye and smile. He started giggling at three months!

His second fall, we relocated to Michigan from Utah, leaving all our friends and family behind. It felt like we were on an island. Far away from everyone and everything we loved, there we were. Mister had to work 12-hour days. I know with certainty that being husbandless for 12 hours a day, in a strange place with no friends and family, would have made me feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away #wilsonnnn.

This is his third fall, and this year he's leaving for a few hours a week. Instead of being my little confidant, he is going out into the world. My little bird is learning how to fly.

While he starts to spread his wings, I get to give myself 110% to our other tiny bird. Making memories alone with Aida has been something so special for us. Nice to get a little girl time in (hence the pictures above).

Motherhood is such an emotional gig, isn't it? You pour your heart out into these tiny being and hope you've made them as happy as they've made you.


You are one amazing babe, and I know you will grow up to be one heck of a man.

Love always,

Your Momma

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