Sep 5, 2016

Labor Day & Goodbye Summer 2016

top- nordstrom >> jeans- nordstrom >> shoes- free people >> glasses- madewell (on sale for $45 now!)

Living in Michigan, my husband and I always make grand plans for summer. We spend an entire nine months dreaming of no snow, no bone-chilling cold, and no ice. Once it finally rolls around, it's hot and humid, and we are all… is it fall yet? #ingrates #firstworldproblems

Regardless, this cycle goes round and round. We talk about going up to the crystal clear lakes, mountain biking, going on hikes, visiting beaches, and eating lots of ice cream. We only achieved one of those this year. You guessed it, we ate loads of ice cream, and all the others fell short. We moved into our home, did as much work as we could on it, and then laid in bed and watched Suits. The summer before that I was pregnant and miserable. The summer before that we just moved to Michigan. The summer before that I was extremely pregnant again, and then I realized we are incredible plan makers, though life doesn't go as planned. Amazing things seem to happen for us in the summers. That is the beautiful season of life we are in. 

I'm learning to take the change of plans each summer in stride. I'm thankful for the beautiful, smart, and sweet babies we have. Learning to go wherever life takes me isn't always the easiest, but it sure as crap is way better than whatever hike I had planned anyway!

See-ya summer 2016. You've been a rad one. We sure did love ya.

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  1. We are totally in the same boat. but you know what the ice cream memories, happy babies and these sweet pics are pretty darn great. Happy Fall mama!


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