Aug 31, 2016

I'm not as cool as essential oils

I'm not ready for winter. I know that for some of you winter is a long way off, but for us Michigan mommas, winter creeps up just in time for Halloween. It gets bitter cold, and some years it has even snowed. Happy Fall, it's winter!

I'm prepping myself with some oil diffuser recipes this year. I'm a greenie at this whole essential oil thing, mainly because I am torn. To believe or not to believe the oil craze we all hear so much about?

As a skeptic, there are two things I know for sure-

1. It makes my house smell good.
2. My aunt (whom I look up to very much) swears that "On Guard" kept her whole family free and clear of colds and flus last winter, so she might have me believing.

Let's see how that goes! Until I know for sure how I feel about the "magic" and "potions" of essential oils, I am just burning them for scent. If you want in at the scent party, go try this one from Vanity Plant! They're 50% off with the code "xomrsmeasom", and for any of you who might be as skeptical as me, this bad boy might just sell ya!

this is not a sponsored post. i just know the craze for this diffusers is real. just trying to help a sista out!

1 comment:

  1. I always say that you can't go wrong with something natural that smells so good! And mix with a little modern medicine they have done wonders in my house. I may have to get my butt on the recipe game and get a better diffuser!!


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