Aug 30, 2016

A commencement of sorts

After having baby girl Aida, I thought that the weight would fall off just like it did with DC. Meh, it was a nice thought. The weight came off, but my body was left flabby! I feel like a soggy piece of bread. You're probably thinking, "sick!" Yeah, that's how I feel. Yuck. 

To solve the sogginess, I signed up for a gym and got this Baby Jogger Summit x3. I know winter is coming, and I'll be hiding under layers, baggy sweaters, and boots, but I want to feel tone and fit again. So, here is to getting fit, and hoping that by next summer I will have some muscle definition, perky buns, and say buh-bye to my "relief society arms!" 

Fingers crossed, and let this mark the commencement of project fit momma Measom!

1 comment:

  1. You go girl.You can do it!


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