Aug 29, 2016

Our kids day out on the town with Annie's

DC loves Annie's Homegrown Organic Chewy Bars. Currently, his favorite is peanut butter chocolate chip! Sometimes he shares them with me, and sometimes he wants them all for himself. With pre-school coming up, we have switched these bars of goodness out of the diaper bag (but who are we kidding... we keep them in there too), and into his lunch box. He's always so happy to see one of these yummy bars, especially when we are out and about and his stomach starts grumbling. Annie's makes it so easy! Grab and go! They've even got Pea B&J's all set and ready for ya!

I love that they're certified organic, have 8 grams of whole grains in every bar, and contain no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or preservatives. We have used Annie's since DC was born, and as he ages up we are falling more and more into the Annie's lover's bandwagon. Even our sweet Aida has been getting in on it. She can't seem to keep her mitts off their Organic Bunnies Cereal.

It's a great fit for all the members of our tribe, and one we are so excited to share with ya'll.

thank you annie's homegrown for sponsoring this post.

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