Aug 23, 2016

Round Here

My momma raised me like her spanish momma raised her. She taught me to always iron my clothes, and that when I was married, I should even iron the sheets. Well, this wrinkly dress would not make that Latina woman proud, but I'm American, so it's cool right?

Lately, more times than not, I've got pureed carrot on my sleeve, paint in my hair, and I smell like a teenage school boy. Sick. I threw on this dress to "wow" my husband the other day, but who was I fooling? I've still got a bun on the top of my head, and I'm paler than Casper the friendly ghost.

I do have to say, all jokes aside, this dress is easily climbing the ranks in my closet. It's perfect for back to school and autumn. I'm excited for all things fall! Candles, cool nights, sweatshirts, and smores? Oh my!

dresses- vici collection // shoes- lotta from stockholm // jean jacket- gap // bag- madewell

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