Jul 26, 2016

To the people I remembered this week

Sweaty and hot? Throw this rad dress on with some sandals and call it good! With summer at the hottest it's ever been, I've been living in dresses. I mean, who doesn't appreciate a good breeze, you know what I'm sayin' sista?

Topknots, sandals, and dresses because July you've given me no other way. 

To the stranger on the plane a week back, I'm sorry you saw my nip one too many times during daughter's rabid breastfeeding sessions. She was bored, tired and restless. 

To the lady at the grocery store who was mad my kid was helping me load my cart in a busy grocery store, you can learn to be a little more patient.

To the gentleman who pushed my cart to my car while I carried both screaming babies to my car, thank you.

To my husband who put up with my craziness during our move thank you. You da best baby.

To Vici Collection thank you for making this amazing dress, and for sponsoring this post!

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