Jul 28, 2016


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Dear Wonderful Community of Mommas,

Today, I present to you the idea of sending my little boy off to preschool and / or the idea of starting home preschool. I know that most preschools start at four years-old, but my little boy is just so eager.

His desire to go to school came about organically. He is best friends with a four year-old who attends preschool one week on, one week off. Watching her excel, writing words, even spelling them a loud, DC proclaimed, "I want to go to school, Momma!" "Sure, baby. Someday you will," I responded. Then, I thought to myself, when will that day be? And when it arrives, which option will we decide to go with? There's home schooling, public schools, private schools, and even boarding schools. Which "school" is the best school for my son

Everyone has their own sentiment on which type of school is the best, and even when you should start. I'm certainly no expert, and with DC constantly asking about going to school, I think it is time to start asking around. Who better to ask then this amazing momma community we have? So, ladies, any advice, suggestions, or thoughts? I want to make sure we are making the best choice for our son, and the only way we can be certain is by getting as much feedback on all the options as possible.

Thank you for weighing in! xx

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