Mar 30, 2016

Peek into the life of a mom of 2 with Born Free

Oh the life of a mom of two. It can sometimes feel like you've won the lottery, and just moments later feel like you fell and smacked your little head on the pavement… face first.

Bottle feeding my youngest (breast milk), can help make being out and about easier. It also helps so that I don't have to quarantine myself while I feed. When Sister does take a bottle, we hurry quick and grab the Born Free® Breeze™

I love this bottle for a few reasons-

one- it's glass, and it's two pieces that attach way easy #loveit.
two- the top piece is shaped like the breast, creating a smooth transition from breast to bottle. it's also flexible and soft, making it easier and gentler for our small girl to feed from. 
three- the milk streams out at a slow consistent flow, just like the breast.

Sister hates taking bottles, but thanks to the Born Free® Breeze™ she is starting to work with me on the bottle feeding… so #winning. 

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