Apr 1, 2016

#MamasGotThis Ergo Swaddler

Putting our sweet girl to sleep is no easy task. Crazy, huh? I know most newborns fall right to sleep no matter the place, but our colicky sweetheart needs a little more attention than most. 

When we first brought her home, we tried to swaddle her with regular swaddle blankets. She was not a fan. Sister loves the feeling of being held (naturally), but she hated the feeling of being swaddled. Go friggin' figure. Finally, after way too many sleepless nights, I tried our hand at the Ergo Swaddler. Y'all, we won that hand like a boss! She loves it. As a matter of fact (100 percent honesty here) she only loves to be swaddled in the Ergo Swaddler.

Give her a fresh diap, a little leg message, swaddle her up in this bad boy, and sing her "You and I" (Ingrid Michaelson) you'll see her eyes get heavy instantly. Nothing is better than a newborn cuddle, except maybe a good few hours of sleep, and with this swaddler you can expect both. It makes her feel like I'm holding her, when really I'm taking a nice hot shower, or eating a Reese's. You know the usual.

Right now Ergo Baby is offering 25% off their newborn pack, which includes a nursing pillow, a carrier, and this kickbutt swaddler, so run don't walk folks!

#MamasGotThis #SwaddleToSleep #ErgobabySwaddler

thank you ergo baby for sponsoring this post


  1. What is the bonnet she is wearing? Our girl hates the beanie hats but needs her head wrapped to feel most secure.

  2. Oh my gosh mama I MISS YOU!! I feel like I have fallen off the face of the Earth recently. I have missed so many of your blog posts and even more IG posts. I feel like a terrible friend. I can't get over how gorgeous your little A is. I just want to eat her up!!!

    XOXO - Em


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