Mar 28, 2016

Pure Michigan

pants- ℅ hanna andersson // shoes- ℅ minnetonka moccs // bag- ℅ lily jade // top- ℅ roolee // scarf- ℅ odd bird company

Just when you think the weather is warming up, whomp whomp, you're slammed with freezing temps. Michigan has got a seriously cruel sense of humor, along with the greyest days anyone has ever seen.

When we first made the move from Utah to Michigan, we were expecting the cold weather to chill us to the core. What we had no idea about was the lack of sunshine. If you are a vampire, this would be the place for you because the sun hardly ever makes its appearance, and when it does it's like gold!

I guess we will just be counting the days until summer. Hopefully, I will be swimsuit season ready...or not. I think I will just eat a donut instead, and hope for a miracle.


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