Mar 7, 2016

Minnetonka Spring Summer Spring Line

sweater- topshop // skirt- nordstom // jacket- topshop // moccs- ℅ minnetonka // bag- ℅ fawn design 

Spring is starting to peek through this barren winter, and I could not be more thrilled. Aside from being stuck inside all day long, out here in the Midwest, winters can be so grey they create this constant gloominess #yuck. I couldn't be more excited to finally be greeted by the bright sun sneaking through our lace curtains at 6 AM. Don't even get me started about finally wearing my favorite hot pink lipstick #bringonthespring.

I'm also just as excited for spring fashion! When Minnetonka asked us to team up with them on their spring line, I was all "umm, yes!" These spring season moccs are amazing, and the color goes with everything. I love the perforated texture and the soft suede. They also have them in mint and melon #canihavethemall? I paired mine with sweatpants in this older post, but dressed them up a bit here. I love how versatile they are, and the first day I wore them I was blown away by just how comfortable they are. 

I think moccs have always been rather in style, but for spring + summer 2016, these babies are on trend. Crap, I think I just talked myself into buying some more… like these bad boys #icanteven.

xo + thank you minnetonka moccasins for sponsoring this post

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