Feb 29, 2016

Potty Training a Toddler

shoes- ℅ minnetonka moccs ; socks- target ; pants- adidas (obvi) ; top- prim lane ; hat- gap ; sweater- target ; bag- ℅ fawn design

There is something wonderful going on around here! We have one baby out of diapers! It's the best damn thing to happen to me since Lucky Charms my friends!

It was a war to get here though, let me tell you. For weeks, our toddler taught us exactly what the terrible two's are made of, and man was it a struggle. He started out completely terrified of the toilet, so we bought him a baby toilet. That thing he friggin' hated. So he was scared of one, and hated the other, but his poops had to go somewhere. Guys, when your baby's poop can clear out a room with just one whiff, it's time.

After trying and trying, and bribing and bribing, one day DC just decided he was going to do it. Bam, just like that after months of failed attempts, he just started holding his pee, and telling us when he had to go. Like a dream.

Here we are with a 2 year old completely potty trained, and newborn all cuddled close. I mean this is the stuff life is made of!


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  1. My son was the same exact way. We tried...he cried or threw a fit..terrified some times. I threw in the towel. I got wrapped up in people telling me he was ready and that he was too old to be in diapers. I know better but the voices got me. But in the end I let him lead one day he told me he needed to pee and that was the end of diapers. Only 2 accidents so far so good.


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