Feb 26, 2016


Finally there is a way to get some rest, and be reassured that everything is calm and well while your baby is asleep. The fear of SIDS is real, and more so with a newborn. They are so perfectly still in their sleep, I find myself constantly sneaking into the room to check if they're breathing. I could be sitting on the sofa, with them in their bouncer right next to me and still panic if I feel a nap is "too long!"

With Owlet, there is a way to check your babies oxygen + heart rate level without creeping up on them. You can do it with the click of a button from your phone, and it's designed to alert you if either of those levels fall out of range. By monitoring both levels you can finally get a good nights rest, make yourself some lunch while baby naps, and even get wild and do your makeup!

Watching baby while they sleep is no longer a requirement thanks to Owlet, but something I will still do just because I can't get enough of them #obsessed.

So slip on the sock, plug in the router, and check your phone for updates on their beautiful heart rate while you say buh-bye to the fear of the unknown.

thank you owlet for sponsoring this post.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I had known about this when my baby was born - I also used to sneak up on her like a ninja while she was sleeping!
    I will be getting this for my next baby, for SURE.

    Xo Melissa


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