Mar 1, 2016

February Favorites

1. This night serum from Kiehl's is amazing for getting rid of any blemishes, sun spots, wrinkles, what have you. It's super hydrating, + when you're only applying three drops a night, it lasts for years. I'm not kidding, I've had mine for a year and a half, and I'm not anywhere close to empty yet.

2. I signed up for Periscope (a free downloadable app) this month (@xomrsmeasom over there too), and I love it! It's basically like Youtube, but unedited. A live stream feed to some of your favorite people. You can chat and ask questions, + have them answer just as quickly as you can hit send. All the people I love on Instagram, I get to now chat with on Periscope! There is so much love on this app, and it's such a great community. I am obsessed.

** I Periscope every week night at 9 PM EST, so don't forget to tune in and subscribe! **

3. Palmer's cocoa butter body lotion has been a favorite of mine since I was a wee kiddo in high school. When my friend suggested I try their deep conditioner my mind was blown! What?! They have conditioner? Yes, ladies they do, and it is fab-u-lous!

4. This watch never comes off, unless I am going to bed. It's just a perfect staple, + such a versatile accessory. One I will wear for years. Daniel Wellington watch makers know what they're doing my friends. Use the code "Measom15" to get 15% off!

5. I'm breastfeeding, and a great nursing pillow makes all the difference. This memory foam styled pillow is comfy for both our sweet Aida + me! We love it!

6. I really can't say enough about our Orbit Baby 360 degree turning carseat. If you don't have one, get one. Guys, I know the price tag is hefty, but it clicks into place smoother than any other carseat we have ever had. It's also extremely padded for maximum safety + comfort. If the tragedy of your baby's pacifier falling out of their mouth sound find you while you are stopped at a red light, you can swivel it around to face you, pop the paci back into their mouth, and click it back into secure position all before the light is green again. Hashtag- amaze. Hashtag- so worth it.

7. Now that I'm not pregnant, I get to wear perfume again without making myself sick. One of my favorites since my collage days has been this Chloe fragrance. It's florally and feminine all wrapped up into the perfect combo.

8. I am a huge fan of filling in my eyebrows, and this brow gel doesn't come off for anything. If you're hitting up the treadmill for the perfect beach bod, or get an itch and need to scratch, don't worry your brow will still be there. It will be just as perfect at the end of the day as it was when you first filled them in!

9. Boyfriend jeans are all a momma just a few weeks postpartum needs. If you don't have some, these ASOS ones are a great option.

10. is missing… so we can just pretend that didn't happen. Hashtag- whoops.

11 + 14 are great for your hair. If you're in the market for some cheap hair products, you're welcome.

13. Best bag for travel, and packing your toddler a lunch that stays cool or heated all day! Love our Pacapod. Plus, it looks cute with my outfits too...

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