Feb 17, 2016

The evolution of carry-out

What is it about eating out that just feels so damn good? Is it because the bread is free that it taste amazing, or is it that you didn't have to bake it yourself?

As much as I love cooking, somedays I'm just not in the mood. It's on those days I go through my automatic list of favorite places to eat. Once I narrow it down to the place, I focus in on my specific order. Then, I'm drooling over the picture of it in my head (instantly gaining five pounds), and before I know it I am texting my husband, "heyyyy babe (see how i'm leading up to me wanting something with the extra y's) can you please pickup our food up from…"

When he shows up with that bag of deliciousness, I realize I paid for food I could have just as easily made myself, but that defeats the purpose entirely. Pre-kiddos you go to restaurants to be social, and have a good time. After babies, you carry-out food because you don't want to deal with them screaming and squirming, but you also don't want to cook. 

Oh how life evolves, but never the less that free bread still tastes friggin' awesome!

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