Feb 22, 2016

Skinny Jeans vs. Boyfriend Jeans

jeans- abercrombie // button-up- revolve // bag- ℅ pacapod // shoes- ℅ lotta from stockholm

Yes, I watch the Bachelor. Sure, that might make me a basic chick, but who the heck isn't? Unless you're sewing your own jumper cardigan combo in the basement of your house, you have to be some kind of basic, right? After all, you are wearing clothes someone else created and sold in bulk.

If you do watch the Bachelor, than you already know that the trend these days with the 20 something cool girls is the skinny jeans. I completely support it because they look killer on those young, wild, and free stems these ladies got. You're only 20 something once, rock the crap out of that fast metabolism. Heck, down a few Cokes for me (insert girl waving her hand in the air emoji here).

Unfortunately, at this point and time in my life, I am a 20 something who cannot wear the basic girl skinny jeans. Why? Well, because I have got some meat on these bones, and now I understand the wild hot trend of mom jeans #totalsarcasm. They ain't pretty but they're practical, and they can be very slimming…gag. They make me feel comfortable, while somewhere in the abyss that is my waistline hides my once tiny frame. Until it is uncovered, my body will remain draped in the bagginess that is the "boyfriend" trend.

Alas, I am grateful for whomever the chick was that did the walk of shame so much, she made the wearing of her mister's clothes trendy. Thank you friend, from postpartum 20 something mommas everywhere, thank you!

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