Feb 6, 2016

Pacapod Review + One Month Postpartum

sweater- ℅ windsor ; sunglasses- ℅ windsor ; boots- clark's ; jeans- topshop ; bag- ℅ pacapod

Dressing myself post baby is never easy, but at least I've got this ah-mazing Pacapod to hide behind. 

I complained a lot after having DC about my body, how I couldn't fit into anything, and about "how big I was" after having him. 

Towards the end of this pregnancy, I kept saying I couldn't wait to have her and get my body back. What I didn't remember or realize was that after she came out, my body wouldn't just go back to the way it was! 

The truth is, after baby number two my body is tremendously different then it was after my first. I gained about the same amount of weight (that's for another post) and yet my body looks entirely different then it did after DC. 

This time there is more fat looming around than water weight. I look in the mirror and think "holy crap, I'm literally going to have to work my ass off. Literally…but seriously." I don't know how or why this happens. Maybe because I am a few years older then I was with DC, maybe because my metabolism is starting to slow down, or maybe because I just ate more crap this go around? Regardless of why, it has happened, and I have to keep myself focused.

You know how they say each baby is different? Well, each pregnancy is just as different, and so is each postpartum body. You're still the same person. You would think anything really changes… little do you know my friend, everything does. 

As I get older, I swear crap just gets more and more real, and by real I think what I mean is raw. Gone are the days where I thought everything was awesome (Lego Movie reference because kids and their repeat movie requests #stuckinmyhead #knoweveryline) and here are the days where I completely understand that the older you are the wiser you become. Hashtag- experienced + crazy to think that at the young age of 24 I am a hashtag-seasonedmomma. 

In partnership with Pacapod.

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