Feb 3, 2016

Adjusting to having two kids + Hanna Andersson Lovin'

I found this perfect little Hanna Andersson outfit for our sweet girl's one month pictures. It's silky soft and no matter how many times I wash it (because blowouts happen) it looks just like it did the first day #durabilityatitsfinest. Looking at these pictures got me thinking about the adjustments and emotions going on around here.

Having two babies is no joke. DC wants me, and Aida needs me. That puts me in a little bit of a pickle, Dick ("Fun with Dick and Jane" reference because I love that movie). Aida also has an extremely sensitive tummy, and mommy has forceful letdown. This causes another dilemma because I have to hold baby girl all the day long, and DC begs to be held too. As one might imagine, I have had some days were I bawl at the end of the night, thinking of all the time I am taking from my little man to tend to our little babe of a girl. The struggle is real ma friends.

A good friend of mine told me when I was pregnant with Aida, "Now that I have two, I look back at when I had just one and wonder what I ever complained about?" I 110% understand her now. I want to stare at Aida's face all day, but I also want to play cars, take DC out on adventures, read books, play puzzles and never stop staring at him while he learns and absorbs everything like a sponge. Guys, finding the balance seems impossible at this point. I understand that eventually we will find our groove, but will the mom guilt of taking time from one kid to give it to another ever really go away?

This is all new territory for me. The surge of emotions I feel on the regular is mind blowing. So full, but so extremely exhausted in every single way.


  1. It gets a million times better! I too really struggled adjusting to two kids and now it's a walk in the park. Hang in there

  2. Thank you so much for your brutal honesty on mamahood of two. I, too, have a firstborn boy who will be 2 when his little sis enters this world. I appreciate your raw take on all things!


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