Feb 1, 2016

c-section recovery must haves

i didn't know at the time of my c-section exactly what i would need. now that the big day has come and gone, here is what worked for me during the recovery process.

one- although they get a lot of the fluids out via suction during the surgery, you still have fluids that work their way out. maxis are a must.

two- staying hydrated is super important. obviously it is great for nursing, but it also helps with washing out your system of all the meds and crap you've got floating around. drinking water helps restore, replenish, and cleanse your body. so drink up. you're going to be super swollen from the iv and such (i looked like a giant rollie pollie) but don't be fooled. just because you're swollen doesn't mean you're hydrated.

three- pain meds are key. these bad boys are essential, so keep up on them. you might be feeling decent at a particular time, and think it is okay skip a dose. but take my advice, once you are in extreme pain from skipping, it is near impossible to get that pain to subside. i didn't ask to refill the strong stuff once it ran out. when it did, i started taking a regular dose of ibs until i felt like the pain was bearable on its own.

four + ten- robes and this hospital gown are all i wore (or still wear) post surgery. pants are uncomfortable because they sit right at the point of incision. i was also still beyond swollen from all the fluids, so none of my clothes fit me…that was real fun.

five- at the hospital they give you high-waisted undies. ask them for about five extra pairs! they will be real lifesavers. normal underwear are tight and painful on the incision, so ask them for some extra and wash them by hand. that way you've got them until you're comfortable wearing normal undies again.

six- your nurse will give you a waistband when they want you to try walking again. this will help with keeping your tum nice and tight. otherwise you feel like your insides are going to fall out onto the floor. wear this religiously until you're six weeks postpartum. it also helps with healing your uterus back into place.

seven- lots of rest. sleep when you can. take all the help you can get just so you can rest. the more rest you get, the quicker you will heal. when you get home, try sleeping at an incline with lots of pillows. that way you don't have to put as much stress on your abs and stomach when you have to get out of bed. also, when using the toilet, use your arms to get up and sit down. don't try using your stomach muscles… so grab hold of that sink, or call your partner to help you get up and down (this was a great tip the nurse gave me).

eight- squirt bottle to rinse after using the bathroom. use this to keep that area clean.

nine- create a comfy place for you to rest, be it a chair, your bed, or the sofa. put everything you need within arms length, and snuggle that babe close. they are so worth it.

good luck mommas, and remember you are a friggin' rockstar!

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