Dec 17, 2015


This morning when I came out of our room, DC was sitting with all his trucks surrounding him. Roaring as engines would, pushing them about, he was enthralled. Without looking up, but hearing me approach him he said, "good morning, momma!" As the last few words escaped his mouth, he looked up at me smiling. Then, giving me a slightly shocked look, he stood up from his trucks, and walked over to me. 

There I stood in sweatpants and a hiked up tank top, tummy totally exposed. He stared at me for a moment, and then responded to what he saw with the following two sentences: "momma need pink shirt!" (referring to my robe, the only thing that seems to cover me entirely) & "momma's that's a big one… that's big" (pointing up to my stomach). Well, tell me how you really feel son! Ha, so much from hiding from the funny stares, and rude comments. #womancantcatchabreak #poopdude

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