Dec 15, 2015

Breast Feeding Essentials

Nursing tips...

1. Some people love manual pumps because they are easier to carry around, but if you are looking for an machine pump, we love + use this one. We got it when we were pregnant with DC, & we will never use anything else. 

2. Create a comfy little corner for you to nurse in because you will be nursing a lot! Having a sweet spot to feed your little one allows you to cuddle them comfortably 'til the cows come home, and even doze off if need be. I love this seat + pouf combo.

3. When using nipple cream to soothe cracking and such, make sure you are using one that is safe for your babe. Some creams do require being wiped off before feeding, and that can often cause even more irritation.

4. Have a good book to read + a notebook to write down your to-do lists, weekly food menus, or  just some random thoughts. Some of my best thinking came in the quiet of feeding sessions. 

5. Embrace your ability to nurture and nurse your baby. Don't let other people's opinions change how much, how long, or even where you nurse. Follow your mother's intuition because in the end, you're the only one in the world who knows what is best for your babe.

6. Have a good milk storage / bottle system in place. If you plan on bottle feeding your babe the Joovy Boob Gift Set PPSU comes with the nines. Hashtag- great new mom gift idea. 

Good luck momma's! You've got this!

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