Dec 27, 2015

Survival Guide for Mommas with Hyperemesis Gravidarum

This post could be for any momma, regardless of  if you have kids or not. Pregnancy is rough, and morning sickness is something most pregnant women have to endure. Only 25% of pregnant women escape pregnancy without an ounce of nausea or vomiting, says Parents Magazine. Lucky ducks!

If you are anything like me, and are the very unfortunate 3% of pregnant women who experience extreme morning sickness to the point of dehydration and required medical intervention, than I hope this helps you see the light at the end of the deep dark tunnel that is hyperemesis.  

From IV's to medication, there doesn't really seem to be anything natural about pregnancy for my body. As a matter of fact, without modern medicine I wouldn't be able to carry a baby full term because of the extreme vomiting that occurs. It leaves my stomach completely empty, with no nutrients or even water to help build that little seed into a bulb of a babe. Luckily, we live in a time where there are options and cures for people in situations such as these, and we are now (and very soon i might add) about to birth our second babe #blessed.

I know from comments left on our social media platforms, as well as emails, that many of you have also suffered and are suffering of hyperemesis, or even just awful morning sickness, and I decided to share some of my tips on surviving the next few days, weeks, or months of your trial. But, before we get into the materialistic things, let us first address that the key to really surviving the sickness is to tell yourself it will be over soon, and that you can do it! Repeat that over and over. Let it become your mantra.  I know I did while hunched over and hurling. Send those positive vibes right to that babe in your tum, and keep pulling through.

My tips are simple and easy so here goes it…

1. Never leave the house without your bag of stuff. Bring your meds, your snacks (lots of them), some wipes + an extra set of clothes. If you never need the wipes or extra set of clothes, consider yourself lucky ma friend.

2. I personally hate having tight things on my body while pregnant. Honestly, I would rather wear nothing because I wish I could just stand under the shower for days, but these joggers are my best buds during pregnancy. I recommend you pick some up imminently, if you don't already have some.

3. A cute top is a must, in case you leave your house for something other than a doctors visit, or an ER stop. I like flowy tops. Nothing on my tum, please.

4 / 5 Healthy snacks that will pack a punch are so important for baby and you. With all the nutrients being drained out of your body, try and eat every 2 hours. That's what my doctor strongly suggested. Nuts are plain enough to stomach and rich in protein, so they were my go to when I couldn't stand the smell of anything meat. Treat yourself too. If your body is craving a pretzel, eat a pretzel.  

6. Lemon essential oil kept me sane. I hated the smell of my hair, my husband, and my house. The only thing that made me feel like I could inhale and not toss my cookies was sniffing lemon essential oil off my pillow. It saved my life.

7. My husband recommended this one. He said having a comfortable place to just lounge was so important for me. I couldn't agree more. A soft chair, a cozy bed, whatever you need to make you feel somewhat comfortable, find it, make it your spot and arrange your kids to be there too. Bring their toys, books, movies, all the bells and whistles to wherever your spot is, and rest…with one eye open that is.

8. Greasy and undone, really my hair just looks like crap when I am sick all day so a hat hid my inability to pull it together. #truth

9. I didn't have a diffuser during the trenches of hyperemesis, but I know it would have helped me leave bed a lot more and even calmed my tum. It is literally all about the smells with morning sickness.

10. Carbonated drinks are a lifesaver. Burping always makes me feel better during morning sickness. It isn't classy, it isn't nice, but quite honestly it made me feel somewhat free for a second of the hounding misery that lived in my stomach. Coke or sparkling water with lime were my best friends during the trenches, and still are even now. Do what you've gotta do momma. Burp, slurp, and burp some more to survive.

11. As bad as it sounds, turning on the TV was helpful for both my boy and I. He got to dance while I sung along to any Disney musical we could find, and when I had to sprint to the bathroom he didn't even know I was gone. 

12 / 13 / 15 Toys! I gifted DC more new toys durning my first and second trimester than I am willing to admit. I wanted him to be active and also entertained, and new toys always seemed to do the trick. Plus, he was so sweet and tender always asking me if I was okay, running to me when I was having a moment, and rubbing my back, that I just felt right about spoiling him the way he was spoiling me! 

There it is my friends. Keep your tum full, your house smelling just the way you need, and lots and lots of toys and carbonated drinks to get you by. You've got this ladies, and when you feel you don't, turn on Gilmore Girls, drink a Coke, and let your kid play Peek-a-boo Barn on your iPhone. It isn't all glamorous, but it will get you through. You can do this, yes you can!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I'm 10 weeks with my first and literally want to cry every time I vomit. Your mantra hit home for me. All worth it for the little babe. Thank you!!

  2. I am so SORRY! I know how hard it can be. I hope you are feeling better. Are you holding up okay?

    You can do this momma, it will all be over soon. Then, you will have one beautiful baby to love on.

    xx + all my love and healing vibes!


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