Dec 24, 2015

Looking Slim With BLANQI Maternity

The holidays are all about giving, letting people know they're loved, and who are we kidding, the hustle and bustle of shopping. Us mommas are the Santa and the elves, and pregnancy couldn't stop me from filling the stockings we've got hung. Plus… since we can't go anywhere with sister coming, everyone is coming to us. Hi, I am overdue and hosting Christmas. How are you?!

Moving on, I had lots to do, to get, and to prep. I won't lie for a second, feeling confident with my weight gain, water retention, and breech baby is not the easiest thing to do. Back fat galore, wider hips for sure, I just seem to have all the most flattering qualities right now. Ha! But, here is my secret… I've been wearing BLANQI maternity

They've got leggings that support that heavy melon of a tum, while also creating this slimming effect on your thighs. I especially love their tanks. They create the perfect cinching effect, hiding the extra rolls I've got from perhaps a little too much indulging, and creating a slimmer waistline. Their tanks are also super helpful with supporting the heavy weight of my tum. For post baby, I would recommend grabbing one of their tanks a size down, as they will keep that loose belly together and tight.

*this post is sponsored by BLANQI maternity*

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