Nov 3, 2015

All the things #wtftuesday

Dude, I'm not a model. The truth is my torso and legs are about as long as a dang tic-tac.

I'm not trying to be sexy or revealing with this slit skirt. I am 99.9 % sure it is actually suppose to come to mid-thigh, but I have to pull it extra high to keep my back fat from busting out. The sacrifice this skirt made. Poor thing was begging #nomore #immabreak.

Things just don't fit me the way they used to, because there is a whole four pound human #fact #doctorsaid in there. Guys, I am pissing my pants that she is already that big. How is she gonna get out? #thehorror

I am swollen + and my legs are getting less and less circulation by the minute. This causes me to wake up in so much pain I am literally screeching "ouch," while my husband just snoozes right through it. Not even a flinch people. Not even a friggin' flinch. We know who will be up with the baby all night…It's like my legs are having contractions, thats how miserable the leg cramping is these days.

So aside from the rant of obvious #wtfs, you should know that I am really dang excited to meet my sweet girl. I am also extremely grateful that my body is able to carry babies so well, but truth be told, pregnancy and labor isn't all just a dream. Reality is, it is just as hard as anything else in life is. Well…maybe harder.


  1. Well you look gorgeous!!! Keep eating bananas for the leg cramps (the extra potassium helped me!) and pull out those sexy circulation socks!! xo

    1. Natalie,

      Thank you so much beautiful momma! I bought bananas today, thanks to you and Betty & Baby (comment after yours). What are circulation socks?! I need them!

      xo + happy weekending to you and yours!

  2. I feel ya on the leg cramps at night. My midwife suggested a little more magnesium (in addition to prenatal before bed) in foods like sunflower seeds and bananas. It should help with the cramping and if you do get cramps, flexing your foot back to you tends to put 'em in their place pretty quick.

    You look great, keep it up mama!

    1. Betty & Baby,

      Thank you so much for those tips! I am picking up magnesium supplements today! I smiled when I read your flexing the foot trick, that's what I have been doing ha!

      You are the best for taking the time to leave me such helpful tips and love!

      Thank you to the moon!



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