Nov 5, 2015

Baby Girls Nursery


When putting together baby sister's nursery, quite honestly, I was so confused about where to start. I always thought I would have a daughter, naturally, because all baby dolls are girls. However, after having DC the dream of having a girl faded. I became completely immersed in having a son, and so in love with my momma's boy that the notion of having a girl brought on so many unknowns. It started to cause anxiety. I have never had to raise my own girl before. What will she be like? What will she not like? 

Without knowing where to start, I put it off. I put off her room for so long, until finally it couldn't be put off any longer. I had to start ordering things. It was time. I pushed out the anxiety, and started simple. I'm not personally into the gender themed rooms. Not all girls like pink. What if she isn't one of them? So, I kept in mind that we want like fifty more kids and some of them have to be boys, so black, whites, woods, textures, prints...they all started dancing in my head. That was what us Measom's like, and since she is obviously a Meas, she would be bound to like some of it. 

As her things started trickling in, guys the butterflies came. This was real. She is coming. Boy or girl, he or she, she is mine and she will be here all too soon. My anxiety and uncertainty began to fade. I become more confident in my connection with her, what we would be like as a team, and how much we would love and need each other. 

So, with her room complete we are ready and waiting. We are also entirely infatuated with her. Seeing her face via ultrasound just solidifies that it is possible to love another the way I love my sweet boy. She is just as sweet, and just as mine. Ever grateful to be her mom.

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crib, rocker, dresser- ℅ with Babyletto 
bassinetbassinet sheet, carpet- ℅ land of nod
crib sheet- ℅ New Mom Design
fruit print swaddle- ℅ modern burlap
star mobile- ℅ Baby Jives Co
gold sconce + gold nightstand- urban outfitters
moon cycle wall hanging- ℅ Art by Sarah England 
copper magazine rack- ℅ Pink Slip Inspiration
silver letter initials- ℅ Ressie Lillian Too 
family portrait needlepoint- ℅ thread and glory
mountain shelf- ℅ bourbon moth  
pillows- target + plant pillow ℅ hand made cece 
plant pedestal- ℅ areaware


  1. I love the bassinet. What a sweet nursery xx

    1. Alli,

      Thank you so much! I really poured my heart out into it!



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