Oct 22, 2015

Truthful Friday + Ripe Maternity

I don't find it a coincidence that I am partnering with Ripe Maternity for this post, considering I am bigger than I've ever been. I think everyone around can safely say I am ripe for the picking, or rather baby girl that is.

We have had a few honest moments this week. Actually, a few with a mirror I don't think I have fully recovered from, because when you can't shave your legs guys…it ain't pretty. 

Between my weight gain, my hairiness, and my inability to move, I would say I am also ready for friggin' hibernation. #bearlife

Because I feel like my stomach is legit about to rip open any minute, moving and keeping up with my toddler seems less and less like a possibility, and more and more like a slap in the face. I feel so bad, fat, and just plain lazy!

Trips to Target, Ikea, or the library are as adventurous as we get. 

We go to Target, and we look at all their toys. Talk about minions, robots, and Thomas the Train. We walk over to their book section, and read for a bit. Then, we get our cake pop on the way out. 

If it is a library day, we go to story time, play with their kitchen set, and read for a few hours. 

If we go to Ikea, we play pretend in their displays. He likes to hide in cabinets, I like to lounge in their living rooms while we play "i spy".

Ultimately, we go places were it is socially acceptable for me to sit, and also get some learning in, but really it is getting hard to leave the house! 

I don't know if it is my ever growing bod, the nerve pain, or maybe even some kind of anxiety about the changes coming, but I just want to stay in my sweats and never leave the house. 

It is the days were I stay in sweats, don't do my makeup, and don't leave the house that are also the worst.

When I get ready for the day, take my son on a learning trip, and make dinner I feel like a kickass wife, but on the high anxiety days I just feel like poop. 

On the plus side, I especially like that my contour game is ALMOST as strong as the Kardashians because #swollenface.

I finally started getting all the things for our little girl, and man is it crazy to see her things filling up our house. This pregnancy I was so terrified something would go wrong, but now that we are well passed viability, I feel like this huge weight is lifted, and I have so much work to do to prepare! 

With her estrogen and mine, my poor husband. Man, he is just the dang best to deal with me and our potty training son. #wevegotthisbabe 
* in partnership with ripe maternity *


  1. I sympathise entirely! I am finally pregnant with number 2 & although this is exactly what we have wanted for so long, being pregnant sucks! I have been nauseous since 4 weeks. I'm now 9 and it hasn't really subsided at all. So tired all the time. I've taken today off work just to wallow in it. Don't be too hard on yourself. Growing another human is hard. Give yourself a break, you're on the home stretch now xx

    1. Alli,

      Congrats on baby number two! How exciting! Sending you huge hugs!

      I agree with you pregnancy is not at all easy for me. I so badly wish I could be one of those women that loves being pregnant, and gets to enjoy every minute of it. Sadly that just is not my fate. Boo!

      I wish I could take away your nausea. That is hands down the worst feeling. You are also almost out of the first trimester though! Eye on the prize momma, you've got this!

      Thank you so much for your love, support, and such amazing kindness.

      All my love to you beauty,

      Mrs. Measom

  2. Replies
    1. Kate,

      Thank you so much! You are the absolute best to take the time to leave me such nice words.

      Forever grateful + happy Monday to you,

      Mrs. Measom


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