Oct 21, 2015

Our charming lil' Kitchen + Embracing Life

Jars, jars, and more jars. I think if I fill up enough jars, and keep everything as clean as possible, my kitchen will do a stand up job next to the best of 'em. Sure, it might not be everyones' thing, but I'm learning to love the cards I'm dealt. 

Having kids (gosh guys, kid-ssss) has really put a magnifying glass up to my flaws. In trying to be better, one of my top priorities is learning to be more accepting of my "stuff". I want to love my body (even when it seems to be at its maximum capacity), my house (even when it is so far from my family), and my life. 

I need to stop losing myself in the things of the past or future, and start immersing myself in the now. I need to close my eyes to comparisons and competitions, and open them to what I do have. If I am living in a world of laters, tomorrows, or just a minutes, who is living in the right now with my babies? A robot of tomorrows? That is just not what I want to be. 

I want to be the barefoot pregnant waddling momma I am. Whispering to my son while we hide in the bushes from our yorkie terrier because that's what he asked me to do. That is the life I use to dream about as a kid, and I think it is about time I really start living in it.

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