Oct 20, 2015

Inglesina Quad

We are bringing you something a little different today! Instead of talking about a product we love, we decided to show you why we love it. Here is a little video we made with our Inglesina to show you just how many ways you can use their Quad. It is the perfect stroller to grow with you and your littles. Hope you like it! 

Let us know in the comments below if you prefer video reviews over written ones. I think when it comes to things like strollers a video is the best way to convey just exactly how it works. Oh, and don't mind me with my huge belly and my alfalfa hair. I'm just a walking mess these days! #thirdtrimesterprobs

* sponsored by Inglesina *


  1. love love it!!! Are there any attachments for the toddler once bebe #2 comes? And you look gorgeous mama!


  2. Natalie,

    It comes with a wheelie board and DC loves it! I linked it in the shop this post bar below for ya!

    xo + thank you for being so amazing and always sending me so much love!


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