Oct 27, 2015

Not as cool as Taylor Swift

top- ℅ bae the label ; jeans- ℅ bae the label ; sweater- abercrombie (old) ; bag- ℅ nena & co

Hi, I am Mrs. Measom, and I am pasty! You can call me Elsa (from Frozen) if you want. #palegirlprobs

Truth be told I love being tan. I love using my self tanners, bronzers, getting my spray tan on, and if I can rub on tan I rub that tan right the freak on! Being pasty is not something I embrace. I think it is because my mom and brother are of the dark and gorgeous variety, and I don't like not fitting in with those cool people.

When I was little, my brother would say "Look at you! You're white, and me and mom are brown. Didn't you figure it out? You're adopted, and mom just never told you. When we walk through the mall and you are between us, we make an Oreo…" 

Unlike Taylor Swift with her white skin, red lips, and blonde hair, I am not all about this vampire look I've got going on. Some girls can rock it, I cannot.

Here I am in my natural state, white, with jet black hair, and pregnant. The only dark trait I got from my mom was my black hair... I would have taken the tan! My mom likes to remind me that when I came out of the womb, the doctor who also delivered my brother, looked down at me and said "she's white!" Even he was in shock. 

Maybe in my 30's I will be cool enough to be tan all year and not look like a fairytale creature. Hm… a girl can dream!

* in partnership with bae the label*


  1. oh girlie you look gorg no matter what color you are! But I totally feel you on that one. My entire family except me are bronze babes and I'm this albino girl who sticks out like a sore thumb!

    1. Sierra,

      Thank you so much! I wish I could be a bronze babe! #cryfaceemoji

      Happy weekending beautiful friend!



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