Oct 30, 2015

Momma Hospital Bag Essentials

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we are so very close to meeting our sweet girl! that is such an unreal statement, and nearly impossible for my brain to comprehend. #wooza

here are some of my momma hospital bag essentials in preparation for the big day- 

one- pack your own toiletries. i spaced packing my own shampoo, conditioner, and soap last time, and they are pretty important. with this babe, that is the first thing i am throwing in my bag. gotta stay clean ma friends. 

two- a good nursing bra. with dc i bought some cheap ones that had no padding or support. #newbieprobs they were also of the flappy front unhook variety. not the best look, so this time i opted to bring one of my favorites. it fits like a sports bra, is less than twenty-five bucks, and all you have to do to nurse in it is pull it down. plus, it has lace so it makes you feel…i don't know, less like a cow.

three- your glam stuff. i'm not saying bring your whole face, but maybe a tinted moisturizer, or bb cream. like i've talked about before, doing my makeup is an instant pick me up. labor is obviously not easy. when i did it last time,  i looked like i got hit by a truck. so this time, i am showering, putting on some cute pj's, and doing my makeup. i wanna feel like the rockstar i am for pushing a baby out of my who-ha. #forrealz

four- a flowy top is key. you'll want something you can leave the hospital in that makes you feel put together, and has easy access for nursing. my stomach was beyond sore after dc, so the flowier the better.

five- stretchy or maternity pants. i love joggers, i love sweats, and maternity joggers are what my pregnancy dreams are made of. comfy and casual, yet stylish. i for sure do not fit into my pre-pregnancy pants for a few months after baby pops out. #woops

six- i fully support a fluffy robe for before and after labor. if you aren't up for getting dressed just yet, a robe is a great way to get covered quickly. it's also perfect for enabling you to be easily accessible for a nursing babe. this was another thing i didn't bring last time, but is for sure a must.

seven- a bag for all your crap. obviously.

eight- slippers are a must. i picked ones that will keep you warm and comfy, and you can wear them with your outfit on the way out. this also means there will be less crap for your man to carry out the door while you are hollering "hurry it up, man! this is not a drill!"

nine- your phone. it will keep you busy, connected to family and friends, and be perfect for taking a million pictures. soon, you will be a mamarazzi!

ten- button up pajamas. if you aren't all about the robe wearing, button up pajamas are comfy enough to wear post labor, and easy for baby to nurse from.

Good luck ladies, and remember you've got this! #walkitout #literally

* tmi sidenote- you might want to have some heavy pads and witch hazel at home to help get you through the recovery process. even a little squirt bottle for rinsing.*

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  1. This is so helpful! Thanks for posting this I can't wait to start packing! I'm having a little girl in March so I still have some time but being prepared early doesn't hurt!


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