Oct 16, 2015


There we were late for our fast Sunday church meeting. I'm not the only one to blame of course... these things tend to happen with a toddler and a puppy with the obedience level of a Tasmanian Devil.

The beautiful part of being pregnant on a fast Sunday, is that none of the don't eat three meals rules apply to you. Everyone around you knows it too. You get to stuff your face with the last of homemade chocolate covered rice crispy treats while your husband watches in horror because he knows it is the last remaining piece. Plus, he is starving, but I digress. 

Being late on this particular fast Sunday was made extra special and slightly unforgettable because one, I was wearing false lashes for the first time since my "stint" in high school #nervewrecking #becauseisuckatmakeup, and two, I had a huge mother flippin' chunk of chocolate stuck on my lip! That's right folks. I'm sure some moms saw me and were left wondering…"is that chocolate or poop?" #yum 

Allow me to set the scene for you, the church is packed. Every pew stuffed like a can of sardines. There we are, Mr. & Mrs. Tardy for the Party (don't sue me Kim Zolciak), forced to walk the long walk of shame to the very front pew, everyone already staring. Being late really just gives everyone a free pass to eye you like you are a model on the runway. The perfect time for a head to toe, what are they wearing, moment. On top of being late, I am also largely pregnant. A real rare anomaly of the world. Something about seeing an "overly" pregnant woman just causes everyone to stop in their tracks and wonder how the flying frog your body can support that big of a stretch. They gawk really. On top of all this, ladies and gentlemen, I have this huge piece of evidence that fast Sunday rules are completely irrelevant for a pregnant woman such as myself. 

That is my truth for today because that was the one that replayed in my mind when I sat down to write this. It really embodies this pregnancy for me… huge, embarrassed, filled with some kind of sweet treat, and forgetting things like my own address. #pregnancyatitsfinest Cheers folks! 

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  1. So cute! I love this story. Totally stalking all your old maternity style pics for inspo. Plus I think everyone at church was (should have been) totally not judging you ;-p They are totally excited for you guys as are my church fam. I am looking forward to having that community as help (as well as fam) once baby comes. what a blessing! x


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