Oct 13, 2015


DC is all about NOT taking naps. Funny, because as I get more pregnant, I need him to take his naps more than ever, and that is something he is just not into. We have that terrible mommy versus kid power struggle. You know how it goes, they won't give into their sleepiness, you won't give into their rudeness. The whole nine… and then one of two things happens, they finally fall asleep after hours of the struggle, or you give up, let them out, and down a whole Coke. I mean, at least with both you are winning something right?

I sent my husband to the store for some a "fresh ball of mozzarella cheese." He came home with a huge solid ball of mozzarella cheese. You just have to be picky when it comes to homemade pizza. You know what I'm sayin' ma pregnant mommas? I went to the store returned the wrong cheese, bought the right cheese, went to make the pizza and found we already had a "fresh ball of mozzarella cheese" in the fridge. When I saw it, I cried a little, as I tend to do now since I never get any sleep, and am always "hangry", and shouted "whyyy?!"#becausewtf #pregnancybrain

I ate three whole pomegranates in one sitting. #ohitsmylife #gwensteffanireference #becausethevoice

My son is back to sleeping in his room, in his crib. Occasionally, I sit and stare at his toddler bed, and his toilet and wonder when I will get my mommy game together. Until then, his spanish singing toilet will have to save up it's batteries, while his toddler bed fulfills my needs for a nap in every room of the house… #istillfit #barely

I started allowing myself to buy baby stuff. I am extremely superstitious, you know because I come from a long line of Venezuelan Indians, and those ladies, they don't mess around with being jinxed. It has been amazing seeing her stuff around the house. She still has no name, and I wonder on occasion if she is maybe really a boy?

As far as cravings go, I still love me some buffalo wings. My son still loves his bread, and my husband eats anything sweet I bake. I think we are all suffering from pregnancy hormones. Regardless, I am still hands down the most emotional baby in the house, and like a newborn, I require food every two hours, many naps, and lots of snuggles


  1. That dress is gorgeous! I love the little tassels along the edges. And by the way, you look amazing!!

  2. Cori,

    Thank you so much sista! You are just the dang sweetest! Happy almost weekend, and I hope you enjoy putting those apples you picked to good tasty use with my recipe!


  3. Odd question. Do you wear your Converse sneakers without socks?

    1. Carbo's,

      I wear all my shoes without socks, unless I wear Birks and it is freezing. Then I wear socks, haha.

      I don't recommend it because it makes my feet terribly dry! #woops


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