Sep 18, 2015

Truthful Friday

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dress- c/o westlook // shoes // chambray

If coke & lime made you skinny that would be ah-maze balls.

When a lady asks her friend if you are pregnant, loud enough that you can hear, do you smile and say, "no, I'm just fat"? Then, walk away and let her riddle that one on her own?

When I think about going to the gym, now in my third trimester & completely exhausted, I just laugh. It was a nice thought though.

If you could see my "recently searched" in Google, it would read "how to contour a fat swollen pregnant face," "how to dress wide birthing hips," and "copycat recipe for bdubs spicy wings." I guess that last search says it all...

When my son finds my phone and brings it to me, and then requests I call his "daddy" & then his "papa" (grandpa) a little piece of my heart explodes.

There isn't a day that I pass a mirror now, and don't think wtf is happening to this body. Holy crap guys baby number two is a whole new ball game.


  1. I just have to say I think you look amazing! With my son, who was #3 for me and around the same age as your little boy, I got HUGE! Like really huge! He was over 9 lbs when he was born so I chalk it up to that but really, trust me, you look so good! You are rocking this pregnancy!

    1. Tiffany,

      Thank you so much! I feel anything but, especially with the weeks passing by. I was huge with my son, and I feel even bigger this time with her! I wish my babies were all my weight... sadly that is not at all the case. Haha!

      xo & thank you so much for reading along + leaving so much love!


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