Sep 23, 2015

September Mommy + Me Favorites

lipstick- now that fall is here, beautiful dark and red colored lipsticks are coming out of hiding, and making their way as one of my favorite accessories. this red is da bomb. thank you target.

bag- c/o nena & company- with this season starts the gentle nudge of being charitable and grateful. nena & company is a company that serves women in such an amazing way, giving them the ability to earn a wage of their own. it feeds them and their families in a country where the opportunities are so limited; talk about being charitable miss thang! go nena & comapny! plus, it looks pretty dang sweet.

facial moisturizer- c/o biossance - i am picky when it comes to my skin care regimen. never really venturing for anything new, mainly because when i do, i end up deeply regretting it. however, this moisturizer (as i use it to hydrate and replenish my skin) is amazing. i have been using it all month long, twice a day, and it rocks my world. makes my skin look and feel flawless. 

magnetic wooden toys- c/o tegu - being cooped up is never fun, and with the end of summer came so much rain that cooped up we were. thanks to tegu we had some fun building cars, robots, houses, and forts. they kept us busy, and constantly learning. it even helped DC pick up his colors!

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