Aug 28, 2015

Nena & Co. with a slice of #truthfulfriday

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bag c/o nena and co. // dress c/o shabby apple // shoes // stroller // stroller snack tray // red flannel

the truth is, the feelings i've got going on inside my brain are totally hormone induced, & hot dang does it make me feel like a ranging looney. #watch out honey #that snitch cray

the truth is, the pretty little liars finale sucked. i was let down by the "5 years later" ending. after all the seasons they've aired that show, it deserved a little more respect than a bad hair-dyed Allison, an identical looking rest-of-the-cast, and a he's coming for you freddy kruger panic. #really?! #cece really #they should have pushed her.

the truth is, three months shy of an upgrade, my iphone screen shattered. #son of a...

the truth is, i got a costco card last month. uhm ... hello, game changer! if you haven't tried their organic lemonade do it, and if you have a baby shout "yipee" as you leave their diaper section! talk about discount savings. # target you've been ripping me off!

the truth is, i've got a heavy obsession with craiglist furniture hunting. it is amazing, and so friggin cheap. #uhm yes

the truth is, we don't have a name for baby girl anymore. we did, but then we didn't, and now we don't. so what are some suggestions y'all have? #on the hunt

the truth is, i could really go for a slice of homemade bread right now. #buh-bye

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