Apr 27, 2015

Raising a son lesson # 393

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My roles as a wife vary from day to day. Sometimes, I work extra hard to be as selfless as I can, and other days I am just a brat and a half. Those bratty days seem to roll around that one time a month; all my sistas out there know what I'm sayin'...

On my brattiest of days I have a lot of "I'm sorry, babe" moments. Where I give him an extra kiss, or squeeze him a little tighter for running to the store at 7 AM on a Saturday to grab me a Cherry Pepsi and a Snickers. What a dreamboat, huh? 

Looking back I can always see bright as day that he has his days too, but more times than not, even on his hard days, he is still working to please me. I sometimes look at how amazing my husband is to me, and just as I praise Him for my son, I sing the highest of praises to Him for my eternal companion. I certainly married up with this one. 

So enough of the mush and gush that is this post. Let's end with a funny little moment shall we? The other day I was getting ready, and when I looked over DC was pulling a new pad out of the box, opening it just as momma does during that time of the month, and handing it to me. Looks like someone is going to be just as kind and as sweet to his wife as his daddy is to me. #mommasboy #ineedtostartclosingthebathroomdoor 

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  1. That is so cute and sweet! I'm sure he will love to read that later in life ;)


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