Apr 27, 2015

My job as a mom

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Lately, since we have transitioned DC into his big boy bed, I am able to sneak into his room while he sleeps. I kneel down next to my sleeping angel, and I snuggle my face into his soft nest of hair. I lay there for a few silent moments, and I just smell him. It is those overly simple moments that I could have never anticipated. They bring me more joy than anything else in this world. No matter how "hard" our day was, it is those silent moments of cuddles that he will never know about that recharge me entirely. They are the ones that fill my soul and my heart, and make me sing praises to Him.

I know that what I am doing is so right. I love being a work from home momma, and I love spending all day with my little stink. I love that he makes my schedule (because he is totally the boss). You guys, I love this gig I've got going on. Son, you rock my world.

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  1. what a super cute outfit, you look lovely! I wish I could pull of hats :(


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