Apr 6, 2015

Chicago and my travel outfit

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We had the pleasure of visiting Chicago for a weekend getaway. It was our first trip without our little man, and all in honor of my husband's birthday.

It was a kickbutt surprise, if I do say so myself. I love surprising him... you know cause he is kind of the love of my life! Anyways, moving past the cheesy mush that is our life, I planned the whole shindig a month in advance. 

I had him come home an hour early from work, and said it was because we had a dinner and a movie date night. When he arrived home, there was a suitcase packed and ready by the door. A huge smile rose to his face, and he was as red as a tomato. #winning As he opened it, I had him pull out the new outfits I bought him specifically for the trip, and at the bottom was a card that said "we are going to Chicago, baby!"

Off we went, grinning from ear to ear about the weekend of romance ahead of us. It was much needed. After two years of never being a day without our kiddo, this trip was a great reminder of how important our relationship is, and that it needs to be at the constant forefront of our lives. It helped us renew that "newlywed" kind of love, and man did we have a blast.

Side note- Hard Rock Hotel Chicago, you really made us feel like VIPs, but more about that in another post.

Here is what I wore for our first day around town. These comfy and simple Sperry flats that are perfect for lots of walking. I paired them with my Target jeans I distressed myself. I wore these white jeans because when I am on mommy duty, there is no way I can get away with wearing these stain magnets. I threw on a sweater and a jacket to save me from the "windy city" breeze, and man was my Fawn Design backpack a lifesaver. We had our camera, our keys, our wallets, our shopping loot, and everything else we needed all tucked into a bag that I could wear until my sweet man offered to carry it for me. Practical and unisex...#winningagain. 

If you haven't been to Chicago, I really suggest putting it on your bucket list. We are kind of obsessed!



  1. Your outfit is adorable!! Do you use a tripod or do you always have someone take your outfit pictures. I'm starting to get adventurous and start posting pictures of my outfits on my blog and am always making my sweet hubby take tons of pictures of me lol I'm no where near as fashionable and cutely dressed as you always seem to be :) but I'm trying!!

    1. Caitlyn,

      Thank you so much for such sweet words! I never use a tripod for any of my pictures, but that is mainly because my husband has a passion for photography (i am a lucky one to have found him).

      xo + I bet you rock your outfits! Good luck beauty!


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