Mar 31, 2015

Nuby and preschool

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I think Michigan missed the "it's spring" memo because it snowed today (wtf Michigan, you sure do know how to crush my soul). With or without snow, we still had errands to run, and as per usual, bribing my son went down hard. I was handing out watermelon like we were at a company picnic, peeling wrappers off fiber bars nonstop (gotta keep 'em regular), and having him sip on water like it was a mixed fruity drink by the pool (lady, i wish). As we hurried about trying to get as much done as possible, I tried not to miss a moment of momma-son preschool action. 

We practiced hand holding as we walked, smelled "sunplowers" at the front of the store, learned about the difference between a fruit (a lime) and a ball, and talked about saying hi and bye when we see people. We sat at the table and ate with his favorite monster bowl. He pointed to the teeth on his green monster plate, giving them a "wow". Then, he pointed to his sippy and requested "agua" or water in spanish. Lunch time with his monster sets are always a fun way to learn and enjoy our meals together.

Like most days, while I thought I was teaching him, he was teaching me. Sure I am giving him worldly knowledge about manners, words, and food, but he was teaching me to slow down. Why are we always in such a hurry? 

Most times, when I ask myself this question it is because I am impatient. I'm being impatient with him, rushing him in and out of places because "I don't want him to be fussy." How sad that statement is. We can miss such great learning opportunities because I don't give him the chance to take in our surroundings. 

I need to slow it down, lower myself to his level, and let him show me what he wants to learn. Maybe if I focused more on teaching him things about where we were, he wouldn't be "fussy" at all.

Silly momma. Maybe I’m the fussy one?

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