Apr 8, 2015

Our super secret surprise

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We over at www.xomrsmeasom.com have a huge project under wraps, but with a recent flu outbreak in our house that project's release has unfortunately been put on hold. I cannot wait until the day where I can finally talk about this new venture with y'all, but until then we can talk about how some of you might be thinking that my "special project" or recent flu is really a bun in my oven. Nope. No baby here. So you can just cross that off your "what's her secret list".

We can also laugh at how I was heaving on Easter, wearing black sweats and Hunter Boots while my son had his first egg hunt in his Hunters and sweats too. There was absolutely no pastel-colored anything in our seeming wardrobe malfunction, and to be honest, we all looked like ninjas in our super dark, workout-themed clothes. There were no picture-perfect moments, and no poses of well-lit Instagram photos. It is crazy to me how social media can be a constant reminder of the things you "aren't doing". I didn't feel good enough to leave the couch, but I did for the sake of our baby's egg hunt. I didn't make a special meal. I couldn't pose all pretty with my husband, and son. Funny how being sick really forces you to realize what matters and what doesn't.

Moving right along, here is my guide to surviving the flu with a toddler who gave it to you-
1. Have your mom come to stay.

By some miracle my mother came before I knew I even had the bug, and was able to extend her stay while I lived by the toilet. It wasn't pretty, and I am still getting over it, but I don't know how I could have taken care of my little dude without her. So to all you mommas who have experienced the flu while tending to your littles, how did you do it?! I bow down to you!

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  1. Being sick when you're the momma is one of the top 3 hardest things EVER! Right now I'm doing morning sickness hyperemesis style and our best coping mechanisms are way too much watching Cars, lots of naps, a decent amount of crying from both of us, a messy house, and the very barest of necessities. I tell you what. being sick and pregnant with a toddler is a whole new ballgame. Par-tay! Excited to see what you're cooking up girlfriend ;)


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